Rail-Based Intermodal Freight Transport

hansa-express logistics GmbH extends its service to you as an independent operator in:


We have access to a large network of connections and are also happy to assemble a tailor-made package for you, including customs clearance and with the most suitable transport solution for your cargo from door to door.

Container / cargo transport by rail is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and time-saving solution.
The advantages of our system compared to the previous transports by feeder or truck are:

  • Direct connection to sea transport in Germany
  • Fast and extremely reliable
  • Block train systems
  • Ideal for Ro/Ro freight (with own power “Roll on – Roll off”)
  • Customized transport concepts for e.g. military exercises (vehicles + containers on one train)
  • High number of containers / cargo at once
  • High unit weights, which can be further delivered in local traffic with six-axle container vehicles
  • Reduction of long-distance truck traffic through regional delivery to the customer by local transport drivers
  • High level of traffic safety due to the fact that it is rail-bound
  • Environmentally sustainable & resource saving
    Rail freight transport is still considered the most environmentally friendly transport mode of all. The environmental impact per ton kilometer is only a fraction compared to trucking. In addition, energy consumption is significantly lower.

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